Warning! Your Healthy Diet May Be Killing You

kindle-ecover1You’re about to discover the #1 secret  to why your healthy diet is making you sick and what you can do right now to protect your precious health.

Here’s why.

Your health is your biggest asset and no amount of money can get it back.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, taking care of your health is of great importance.  What if I told you someone is deliberately trying to sabotage your food and make you sick?  And what if I told you it was all part of a grand scheme to take your money and keep you dependent on them for the rest of your life?  Would you be mad?  I certainly was!

Let me ask you a few questions about your food.

Do you really know what’s in the food you and your family are eating?

Are you sick and tired of eating food with ingredients you can’t pronounce or even spell?

Have you had enough of buying food chock full of preservatives, chemicals and nasty hormones?

Are you scared of what you are putting in your body because there’s no definitive information that tells you the truth about your food?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have some shocking news for you!

Everyday, more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.  The amount of children born with autism and other behavior problems are rising at incredible rates and obesity has become the number one medical health problem in the United States.  Doctors estimate that over 35% of all Americans are classified as obese!  It has really gotten out of hand.  In fact, unhealthy eating habits have spread throughout the world and no one is immune to it.

All of these medical conditions have happened over the past 50-60 years and you know what?  It could have all been avoided… if the true nature of what the FDA, Monsanto and Big Pharma had been doing has been exposed.  Instead, we have all been lied to, been used as guinea pigs and cheated out of our right to be healthy because of the greed and the thirst for power of a small group of people who are responsible for the world’s entire food supply!

Take a look at what people are saying about Warning! Your Healthy Diet May Be Killing You.



As you can see, Warning! Your Healthy Diet May Be Killing lays it all on the line.

Here are just a few of the incredible discoveries you will find…

  • Why getting you sick and keeping you sick is the most lucrative business in the world (forget oil, waging war and banking – they are nothing compared to organized medicine) and the ingenious ways they keep you that way!
  • Why and how our food supply is being manipulated and who is really making all of your food decisions.. You won’t like it one bit!
  • Why there are over 15,000 chemicals floating around in our food supply yet the EPA has only classified about 90 as hazardous to our food supply!
  • How they get you addicted to food and keep you doped up on lethal chemicals so they can control you physically, mentally, and financially! (You’ll never guess why!)
  • Why the government wants to eradicate all natural food and how they plan to do it! (Yes, I’m totally serious and it’s happening right now under your noses!)
  • The nefarious plot to take away all your health supplements, herbal medicines, food labels as well as forcing you to eat genetically modified and irradiated food… FOREVER!

By now you’ve seen that just trying to eat healthy is almost impossible!  The FDA continues to rule in favor of big business, the price of food has gone way up but nutrition is way down and going to the supermarket has become a nightmare!  I’d rather have a cavity filled without Novocaine than try to buy healthy food there.  And don’t get me me started on some of the so-called “health food stores”!  Overpriced garbage with ties to the major food manufacturers.

In fact, many of them sell organic food that really isn’t organic at all!  Dud you know the government allows many of the organic items t have non-organic ingredients? (How can that be you ask?).  It’s all part of the lies and deception going on with our food!

People like you and I don’t mean a thing to the FDA and especially Monsanto.  Our health is just something they can profit from.  Have you ever wondered why these big companies can get away with what they do?  They have the FDA squarely in their back pockets by using their massive influence to set the rules  we have to follow.

How would you like to …

  • Be able to be 100% sure the food you are eating is not only healthy but free of pesticides, harmful chemicals and harmful;l pollutants without breaking the bank in the process?
  • Know exactly what foods to eat and what to avoid without going hungry or getting addicted to them?
  • Learn the closely guarded secrets the Giant Food Corporations, Monsanto and Big Pharma use to bully the public into buying unhealthy food and the one thing you need to do right now so you can fight back and protect your family’s health?
  • Finally find out the real truth about our food supply and how you can bullet-proof your own health?

You now have an ally in your fight to eat healthy!  Never has there been a book that has exposed so much of the disgusting lies and corruption associated with our food supply.  Never before has the truth been told in such a way as to name names!  Over a year went into the research of this book.  No stone was left unturned and it reveals things the FDA and its crooked cronies don’t want you to know…

With over 360 references, this book is well documented with facts!  Something you won’t find from the FDA, Monsanto or Big Pharma.  In fact, this book is so controversial, not one medical doctor would consent to be interviewed because of the backlash it would cause them from the American Medical Association.  But the Alternative Medical community has fully embraced this book.

Here’s quote from Dr. Arthur Levine, one of  New Jersey’s most noted Chiropractors.

dr levine review1

 Our food is the main reason why we’re all getting sick.  Cancer, diabetes and heart disease are the by-product of an out-of-control policy by our government and we’re all paying the price with our health.  By exposing this information, Barry has become a target for those who want to control our food.

Writing this book comes at a steep price.  You see… The FDA and Monsanto don’t like criticism.  They frown on whistle blowers and will try to crush you like a bug.  They’ve done it before and they will do it again but this book is your secret weapon!  Now you can learn the awful truth about why we’re all getting so sick!

If you’re ready to learn what has befallen the human race in regard to our food then “Warning! Your Healthy Diet May Be Killing You” is your ticket to a lifetime of better health!  Do yourself a favor and make this book a part of your healthy future.











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