5 Critical Elements Missing From Your Healthy Diet

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What’s Missing From Your Healthy Diet?

healthy eating at it's bestWe all know that a healthy diet is needed to maintain a healthy body but sometimes, in our haste to be as healthy as we can, we get the wrong information and we end up missing things that puts our diets in jeopardy.

Now, if you follow a healthy lifestyle then you know eating the healthiest food possible can be such a chore.  From doing the shopping to picking out what food is truly healthy can be really confusing.  Food stores do their best to make sure we buy the food they want us to buy.  That’s right, what they want us to buy!  Even the government (most notably the FDA and the USDA) have told us they want us to change our eating habits and make us eat what they consider to be healthy.

Do you want to be at the mercy of others who want to control what is part of your diet?

The time has come to take a stand and discover the real truth going on with the food you eat and start  eating  food that is actually healthy for you instead of being a commodity to line the food manufacturers bottom line.


Here Are 5 Critical Elements That Are Missing from Your So-Called “Healthy Diet”

  1. Nutrition – Most Consumers just look at the nutrition label and check out what ingredients are inside which show how much of a percentage of their daily requirements they are getting but they miss out on some key information.  Namely, are the ingredients genetically modified? Are they organic or not? Do they come from the corporate feedlots? This type of information is left off the labels because the food manufacturers don’t have to tell you. You’d be surprised at how little nutrition these foods actually contain.
  2. Common Sense – Common sense plays a big role in determining how healthy is your food.  You may ask why?  When shopping for food, do you trust the health claims made on the item?  Do you fall for the low-fat, low-sugar or low-sodium claims?  How about all-natural or 100% natural ingredients?  How about the no-artificial ingredients claim?  They are all over the place when you want to eat healthy.  health claims are fine but can they back it up? Look, we can even throw in heart-healthy, doctor recommended and made with the best stuff on earth claim.  You see, you need to use some common sense if you want to improve your healthy diet.
  3. Healthy Food – Today, anything can pass for healthy food if it has some vitamins in it (during the processing phase).  A good example of this are breakfast cereals. Many put in vitamins after the processing just so they can claim “it’s part of a healthy breakfast” but that doesn’t mean it is actually healthy. Farmed fish is another example of an unhealthy food claiming to be healthy. Fish farms are a breeding fish pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and feed them unhealthy GMO food pellets. The industry says this is the future of healthy eating but at what price? Some fish from China are sprayed with preservatives to control mold buildup and bacteria growth.
  4. Diversification – To eat healthy, you need to diversify your diet.  This means you need to add many different types of fresh and healthy food to your diet to take advantage of all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in these foods.   Doing this makes it easier to stay healthy and when you are sick, fight off the sickness with good nutrition.  Diversify the types of vegetables, fruits, spices and well as adding nuts and beans to your diet.  Too many people focus on only a few types of food thinking they will supercharge their health but they lack the overall amount of good vitamins for this to work.
  5. Truthful Information – Where are you getting your health information from?  Hopefully it’s not from the FDA or the USDA because they are only shills for the big biotech and food manufacturers such as Monsanto and Cargill.  Tom Vilsack, the current Secretary of Agriculture has stated that the government wants to change the way we eat by installing what they deem healthy. They want to tell us what we should and shouldn’t eat based on what the food manufacturers want us to do (that makes them money). The major problem with this type of thinking is in regards to forcing GMO’s down our throat! Science has already determined that GMO’s are lethal to animals and humans alike. There has been a huge increase in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity since 1996 when GMO’s were first introduced into the food supply. You need to find the real truth regarding your food and how to keep healthy. No one is going to volunteer this information. Not the government or even your own doctor. You need to be proactive and self-reliant with your health. Without the right information you are as susceptible to illness as anyone else.


Make Your Healthy Diet As Healthy As Possible

We all want to eat healthy.  That’s a fact of life but not everyone takes the due diligence in searching out and making a healthy diet work.  Only a small percentage of the population actually work hard at maintaining a diet that is truly healthy.  Your mission, if you accept it, is to make healthy eating an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  By learning about and then eating the right foods you can guarantee your overall health for years to come.

To learn how to make your healthy diet the healthiest you can make it click on the picture below for all the answers.

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