About Us

About Us

We here at YourHealthyDietisKillingYou.com take great pride in exposing all the corruption, lies, deceit and garbage that is being spewed from the mouths of our so-called “Government Bureaucrats” who have been screwing us for a very long time.  When our very own FDA has been taken over by the likes of Monsanto and Foreign companies it is our duty to call them out.

We believe it is in the best interest of our beloved country, the Good Ole USA, to bring to light the truth that is being kept from the population at large.  We have done our research and continue to dig deep to inform you of what is being done your health, your bodies and to the US Constitution.

There’s a war out there and we are going to win it.  That much is certain but when the mainstream media decides that only news they want to print is being written by the Leftists, socialists and radical democrats that’s when we need to be the voice of reason in world gone astray.

What you will be reading on this blog is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD (and yes I do believe in GOD and will not capitulate to those heathens who feel it’s necessary to hurl insults and hate at my GOD).  Since GOD gave us life and health I will exercise my free speech and talk about religion.  If you have problems with that then go home and cry with your other radical friends.  You’re not welcomed here and neither is your radical agenda.

The health of the world is at stake and I don’t give a shit what they think that is why I am exposing the real truth not the manufactured crap coming from our president and his phony cronies.  If they want to change this country and take away our health rights then go back to where you came from… because there are more of us than you and we believe in freedom.  Freedom of speech, freedom of health and freedom to eat food that is real, not the garbage they are selling us.

I am a fighter who believes in telling it like it is and no one can stop me because I speak the truth and as someone once said, “The truth shall set me free.”

So keep reading if you want to learn something instead of blindly following the masses.  Sheep leading the sheep will never get anywhere.  The truth will lead you out of this mess we are in and into a world where the radical left can no longer take the long arm of government and take away our rights.  The US Constitution gives me the right to be free and it’s time we all exercise that right.



And no one can take that away from you nor can they force you to do their will.  And that’s the truth!

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