How To Avoid Getting An F In Your Healthy Eating Education

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Healthy Eating Education – Why We All Seem To Get It Wrong

I’m amazed at how many people do not put any real effort into getting the proper healthy eating education that can make living healthier much easier.  Our lives depend on eating nutrient-dense foods but for most consumers are unaware of just what they are putting in their bodies.  This can have a disastrous effect  on their overall daily health.

What is it that you want to accomplish with your health knowledge?   

  • Do you want to work on pain management?
  • Do you want to strengthen your immunity?
  • Do you want to increase your core strength?
  • Do you want to improve your eyesight?
  • How about losing weight?   

A healthy eating education is vital in maintaining a quality lifestyle for everyone.   There is so much misinformation concerning how to be healthy that in can be a daily struggle to maintain a healthy diet. Even some of the best health website post wrong or even misguided health information because they are trying to sell you health products. This is both ethically and morally wrong.  This type of information can lead to people taking up the wrong type of diet or self diagnosing their own symptoms which can lead to sickness.  

It also doesn’t help that our own FDA has taken the arrogant position that they are the only ones capable of making and providing the proper health decisions for us. They have constantly taken the side of giant food manufacturers such as Monsanto and the FDA is even pushing unhealthy GMO’s on an unsuspecting public. Our own FDA’s food division is being run by the former vice-president at Monsanto, Mr. Michael Taylor and the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack has been a long-time supporter of GMO’s.

We are at a point where we have to make some pretty important decision regarding our food health.  Are you ready to improve your food IQ?  or do you want to become a statistic for cancer, heart disease and /or diabetes?  The answer depends on how important your food education is.



How To Improve Your Healthy Eating Education

Now that you understand where you are going wrong with your healthy eating education, let’s give you some real world examples of how to find and incorporate good sound advice in your diet.

    1. Eat Natural Foods – This may seem like a no-brainer answer but there’s a campaign going on by both the government and many of the food manufacturers to discredit the organic food industry.  They say conventional food is just as good as organic and you are a food snob (Dr.Oz’s words, not mine) if you eat organic food.  Conventional food is relying more and more on pesticides and hormones as well as feeding GMO products to our animals.  To avoid these health dangers, read what the alternative health field has uncovered about our food supply.
    2. Is It Natural Or Not? –  Just because it says it’s made from natural ingredients doesn’t mean the finished product is all natural.  Once a food goes through processing phase, it is not really natural anymore.  Food companies tout how natural their food is yet they fail to tell you the seedy side of food. That is, the way ALL food is processed.  many use metals such as aluminum and nickel as well as petroleum-based solvents.  Many of these leech into the food causing harm to your health!
    3. Are The Claims Too Good To Be True? – Here’s where most people go wrong.  They listen to claims instead of digging for facts.  The same holds true for for diets.  They make outrageous claims because they know most people will not follow up and research the claim and are desperate to try anything to either lose weight or feel better.  Too bad the claims end up making them worse off.  A great example of this is wheat.  The wheat of today is damaging the linings of stomach and causing immune system problems due to the gluten content. Today’s wheat contains almost 100% more gluten than it did just 50 years ago.
    4. Stick To Old World Recipes – What do I mean by this?  many of the foods we eat contain antioxidants that have special healing powers.  these come in their natural form.  This means, if you buy them, use them in their natural state.  Don’t buy them if they are part of or in a processed state. Examples of this could be ginger, blackberries, pomegranates and seaweed. When you dilute the power of these foods you don’t get the full benefit. Using them in their natural form is how they were meant to be eaten and this is how you get the most benefit.
    5. Cancer Triggers You Never Heard Of – Today, cancer is at an all-time high.  People are suffering from cancer that 100 years ago no one ever heard of.  Why is this happening?  It’s due mainly from the the artificial ingredients and GMO’s found in our foods coupled with the pesticides and hormones injected onto and into our foods. Artificial food has become the backbone of our diets.  Fast food that has no right to be called food, food from supermarkets made from artificial ingredients that our children are hooked on and over 15,000 chemicals used in the processing of our foods have made us prone to cancer.  And the worst part of this, it can all be avoided if we start learning what healthy eating education is all about.

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Are You Ready To Get The Healthy Eating Education You Need To Survive?

Eating healthy is only the start.  To live healthy you need to follow a proven plan.  A way to insure you stay healthy for a lifetime.  The problem is, we are up against a government that doesn’t want us healthy (they are paid to help the manufacturers – not us), a medical system that wants to keep us sick so they can profit off of us and the pharmaceutical companies that get rich by inventing artificial (that’s right, artificial) medicine to keep us doped up so they can control us. It’s these huge corporations that control our health.

It is in their interests to push good healthy practices to the side. You probably don’t believe me but it is happening right now. Independent studies have shown that medical errors cause over 250,000 deaths each year (that’s not a typo), Obama Care is ready to make things even worse and GMO’s are ready to take over our food supply. What you need are the facts on your side. If you listen to the government, they’ll tell you we’re healthier than we’ve ever been. If that’s the case, why do we need GMO’s? Why do we need so many drugs? And why haven’t they found a cure for cancer yet?

You will find the answers to these questions and the healthy eating education you so desperately need to help you stay healthy in a world of uncertain health with the release of what some are calling, the scariest book of the new millennium – Warning! Your Healthy Diet May Be Killing You. If you value your health and want the truth about what is happening to our food supply then this book with help educate you and give you the impetus you need to change your lifestyle and begin the journey to real health.

Click the picture below to find out how to save your health

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  1. Alvin Fix 2013-03-19

    Most of the time, we know what are the foods which is good and bad for us, but sometimes we only disregard it due to some circumstances. But it doesn’t mean we can do it always, we should also think for the better of our body and health as we are the one who will greatly suffer if we acquire certain diseases.


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