Is Your Healthy Diet Going Up In Flames?

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Your Healthy Diet And You

You work hard at maintaining a healthy diet but for all you do it’s not working for you.  You work out, you try to eat healthy and you get enough sleep at night but still you are not in the shape you want to be in.

Is there something that may be sabotaging your diet that you don’t know about?  Is there something you may be doing that is putting your diet at risk?  Too many people are having a hard time maintaining their health and guess what? It may not be your fault. That’s right! As the Three Stooges are fond of saying “I’m the victim of circumstance”.

So often we put all our energy in things that don’t do us any good.  Take for instance, trying to save money on food.  We spend so much time and energy on the actual savings and not what the food can do for us.  Stop taking shortcuts and spend the money on quality not quantity.

Here’s another energy waster we seem to get caught up in and don’t even know it.  We buy vitamins and we think we are getting the full days nutrition from these  but if you concentrate on getting the nutrition from your food you won’t need to take these supplements.  In fact, many of these supplements are not worth the price as they don’t use true organic material in their concentrations.

What’s Killing Your Healthy Diet

But that isn’t all.  Here are five of the worst things we can do for our healthy diet that most of us do too ofteny.

  1. Skipping Breakfast –  After a good night’s sleep our body need energy.  If you skip a meal, it forces your body to go into starvation mode and more times than not, we tend to try to make it up at lunch.  Here’s the key.  Try to eat something healthy for breakfast, anything, and then eat a light snack a few hours later.  It will keep you from getting hungry and that it how you stop overeating before it begins.
  2. Eating Out Too Much –  We all like to eat out but most of the time we order meals that are full of calories and not very healthy.  Be smart when you oder.  If you know it’s going to be more than you can eat take the rest home.  Try to stay within your daily caloric requirements.
  3. Eating So-Called Healthy Foods – The FDA has done a great disservice to the American public for the last 50 years by helping push unhealthy foods on us.  These include genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) which are in many of our foods, soy products which are full of estrogen and cause cancers (breast, thyroid and prostate to name a few) as well as allowing chemical additives in our food.
  4. Not Putting Together A Healthy Meal Plan – It has been shown that if you fail to plan you will plan to fail.  Putting together a weekly maeal plan that you can rely on will help you eat healthier and avoid settling for fast food or microwaveable foods.
  5. Eating Too Many Man-Made Foods – This has become the standard operating procedure for most people.  After dinner, they sit down in from of the the tv and munch on chips or cookies or ice cream without thinking what they are doing to their bodies. Before you put anything into your mouth think about what effect it will have on your health. You don’t have to give up snacking. Instead, make it healthy. make a fruit salad or a vegetables with a healthy dip.

As you can see, our society has become a tool for the food manufacturers to make a killing financially and we are letting them determine what we should be eating.

So, let me ask you a question.

Is your healthy diet going up in flames?

And, are you to blame or is it someone else’ fault?

Either way, your health is affected.

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