Simple Solutions That Can Fix Your Healthy Diet Problems

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Fixing Your Healthy Diet

healthy diet foodNo matter who you are you are going to have problems sticking to your healthy diet.  This doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just means you’re human.  For some, failure is not an option so they end up failing anyway because they panic every time they think they’ve eaten something unhealthy.  The key here is, they think instead of just eating.

Moderation… it’s a word that we don’t like to use with our diets.  We think of it as a way to limit what we eat when in fact, it actually keeps us on track.  Healthy eating is not about limiting what we eat but focusing on what is good for us.  This is why finding a simple solution to our healthy diet problems are so often overlooked.

We want immediate fixes that cure everything instead of putting the emphasis on learning how to diet healthy.  We want to go from totally unhealthy eating to totally healthy eating in one step without the pain but it doesn’t work that way.  Our bodies and our brains need to develop positive eating habits that help us eat healthy.  Patience is important.  Without this we would give up right away and never achieve our goal.


Let’s Look At Some Simple Solutions You Can Implement Now To Fix Those Nagging Healthy Diet Problems

1- Know what you are putting in your body.  You’d be surprised at how many people forget this step.  An example would be a vegetable.  It may look healthy but where did you get it?  Is it organic?  Or is it genetically modified?  Ask before you buy.  Some vegetables are not that healthy for you because they are sprayed with too many chemicals or they are genetically modified and are a risk to your health.

2- Eat food in specific combinations.  This is a secret not many people know about.  The key here is to supercharge your nutrition that will enhance the vitamin and minerals you receive when you eat.  Apples and raspberries are a prime example of this.  Apples contain the flavonoid, quercitin, which works with the ellagic acid found in raspberries to help kill off cancerous cells in the body before they have a chance to multiply.  The spices turmeric and black pepper are a potent combination.  Turmeric is known as an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce tissue damage.  When you add black pepper to the mix, it helps our bodies absorb turmeric 2000 times better.  Add some hot spice to your cooking and watch it do it’s magic!

3-Learn when to eat during the day.  There is no set time to eat your meals but if you get your body used to a routine, you can actually help yourself to eat healthier.  When you do get hungry the same reasoning applies but this time you will be ready for it.  How?  By keeping healthy snacks on you to settle your hunger pangs.  Eating healthy snacks gives you energy to continue your daily chores and stops the crash and burn syndrome that comes from carb and calorie heavy snacks.  This type of snacking also stops you from the mindless binge eating that comes from unhealthy snacking.  Your body is always looking to get its daily share of vitamins and minerals so give it what it needs and you will never give in to eating at all times of the day.

4- Get enough sleep.  One of the most under utilized ways to keep to a healthy diet is to keep your body fully rested at night.  A tired body is always looking for food and never gets enough energy to be at its peak performance.  By getting the rest your body needs, it allows the body to heal itself with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you get from the healthy food you eat.  Your body works in tandem with your food to keep healthy so don’t skimp on your sleep.

5- Enjoy yourself.  Nothing’s worse than denying yourself a treat now and then.  To deny yourself is to build up animosity towards a healthy diet and you will not stay healthy for very long.  Enjoy yourself.  Enjoy life and live a little.  Happiness is an important quality to staying on a healthy diet.  Be thankful for what you have and for the food you eat.  Life is not about being perfect but being happy with yourself.  It’s all about living and enjoying what life has to offer.  the happier you are the better you will feel and the better you feel the easier it is to eat healthy.

A healthy diet is very easy to maintain if you follow the suggestions I have laid out for you.  These  simple solutions can be implemented at any time and will help you maintain a health lifestyle as well as your diet.

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  1. Ray 2013-04-10

    Great tips. We are responsible on our own health and it is quite important to know what are the thing good and bad for us. It is not necessary to follow a certain diet tips if we are not comfortable on it, shall we say we are not enjoying on what we do. There are still many thing we can think as an alternative, as long as we know how to control and manage any situation, that would be enough.


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