The Anti-FDA Diet – How To Eat Healthy Now

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Why Is It So Hard To Eat Healthy Now?

You probably know by now that it’s getting harder and harder to eat healthy.  Even Dr. Oz has sold out healthy eaters by siding with the biotech industry and calling those who like to eat healthy snobs.  There’s a huge marketing push by the likes of Monsanto and other agricultural companies to push GMO’s (genetically nodified organisms) to force us to eat unhealthy foods.

The FDA has fooled the public into believing they are looking out for our health and all of us are paying the price.  Obesity, heart disease, high bllod pressure and cancer are the by-product of an out-of-control government that doesn’t want us to be healthy.  Have you ever thought to yourself why is all this happening?  Why is it so hard to eat healthy now?

The Secret To Eating Healthy Now

The secret to eating healthy has been kept far from the average consumer.  Oh, they will reveal certain things to hook you but they will never reveal why they are doing what they are doing.  If you want to eat healthy you need to go on the Ant-FDA diet.

What Do I Mean By The Anti-FDA Diet?

You should not be listening to the FDA and all their chatter when it comes to healthy eating. 


Here are 5 reasons to go on the Ant-FDA Diet

  1. The FDA is controlled by the big Food and Pharmacy corporations.  In fact, the head of the Foods Division of the FDA is Michael Taylor, the former V.P. at Monsanto.
  2. The new food pyrmid called My Plate, was written by these corporations to help their bottom line and not your health.
  3. The FDA believes in putting GMO’s, chlorine, flouride and pesticides into our food and has done nothing to stop them from overtaking our health.
  4. The Food Safety & Modernization Act sign by president Obama in 2011 is just another way for the FDA to control what is healthy and what isn’t and pushes out the small, independant farmer who wants to sell organic and pesticide-free food.
  5. Finally, the FDA still clings to decades old ideas regarding fats and carbs in our diet.  These myths have been debunked by doctors and researchers over the past 30 years yet they do not want to the corporations bottom line.

How To Eat Healthy Now

If you want to eat healthy now, it all begins with your decisions. 

  1. Do I eat fresh foods or do I buy processed/
  2. Do I shop at the grocery stores or the local farmer’s markets?
  3. Do i read labels or do i buy name brands?
  4. Do I cook with healthy oils such as virgin coconut oil or virgin olive oil or do I use trans-fatty and GMO oils such as canola, corn and vegetable?
  5. Do I incorporate more organic foods into my diet?
  6. Do I stay away from unhealthy snacks?
  7. Do I take the time to understand what I am putting in my body?

healthy eating at it's bestAs ridiculous as it seems, these ideas are foreign to the FDA and it’s corporate buddies.  They want to keep you unhealthy because sickness is big business.  The longer you remain unhealthy the more they can collect from you.  Eating healthy is akin to less profits for the healthcare industry and the FDA is protecting them also.

From meat to fish to milk chemicals and deadly additives are put in our food and the FDA has given their okay. Don’t you find it rather odd that most food we put on our table is either mostly processed or genetically altered? Most of us seem oblivious to the fact that our food is very unhealthy.

How Can I Protect Myself From the FDA Taking Away My Health?

If you want to protect your health then you need to be aware of what is in your food.  The food we eat at this particular time in istory may be the unhealthiest food ever eaten.

Why do I say that?

Most of what we eat is man-made.  It isn’t even found in nature.  And what is found in nature has been tainted by the biotech industry.  Look at what has happened to many of our everyday foods.

  • Wheat is now the major cause of diseases attributed to gluten
  • Corn and soy are almost 90-95% genetically modified.
  • Most food is now processed with chemicals.
  • Most of the animals (beef, chicken and fish) are fed GMO’s
  • The soil from our farms is about 70% less fertile than it was just 75 years ago

Do you see the pattern that has developed over the last decade or so?

the FDA wants final say in everything we eat and drink so they give the biotech, food and pharmacuetical companies free reign to do as they like and we’re the ones who suffer.  We’re the one’s who end up overweight and full of cancer.

Read the labels of your food.  Can you actually pronounce all the ingredients?  Do you know what they are there for?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask before you put another piece of food into your mouth.

Now I ask you.  Do you want to end up like that?

I certainly don’t!!!!

If you want to know what is really happening to our food and how you can fight the FDA and what it is doing to your food…




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