White House Protects GMO Crops At The Expense of Consumer’s Health

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The White House And GMO’s

The White House’s fondness for raping our health with GMO’s got a big bolster as the 2013 Continuing Resolution Bill- HR 933 (which keeps the federal government funded through September 2013) contained a rider which protects the big biotech company’s crops from legal challenges in court.  This rider is found in Section 735 which is commonly known as the Monsanto Rider and allows biotech seeds to be sold, cultivated and planted despite any objections in a court of law.

President Obama knows full well what he will be doing when he signs this bill into law.  He is only protecting his friends and allies in the biotech industry which should come as no surprise to anyone.  His hypocrisy is deafening!

It was way back on November 10, 2007 on the campaign trail in Des Moines, Iowa that he promised, “Here’s what I’ll do as president… we’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying”.

It’s fun to catch him in his lies because it shows exactly what he and the rest of our lying government wants for us.  They want to control everything we eat and force feed us poisoned food.

What does this mean for our health?

White House has made it impossible for anything legal to be used to stop modified crops from harming humans. The leadership in Washington DC has betrayed the public behind closed doors and we suffer for their selfishness.  This is nothing compared to how they have bypassed the judicial part of the constitution

How did this happen?

Easy!  The Democratic Senator from Maryland, Barbara Mikulski, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, snuck it into the bill even though, logically, it should have gone through the Agriculture Committee since we’re talking about agricultural crops here.  But of course, the Democrats, who continually talk about how they want us to eat healthy, have lied to us again with this blatant abuse of power.


How The Biotech Industry Is Abusing Our Health With GMO’s

President Obama and his crooked cronies in government have allowed the biotech companies such as Monsanto to buy their votes and bribe them so that they can continue to poison us with genetically modified foods.

Here are some financial examples of how our food health has been compromised and how the White House is pushing poisonous foods on our table.

1-      In 2011, GMO seeds made $13 billion for the biotech companies.

2-      Since 2009, Political Action Committees have contributed over $7.5 million to members of congress.

3-      The Senate Appropriations Committee members got $372,000 to vote the biotech’s way.

4-      Republican Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri, an Appropriations Committee member received $71,000 in contributions.

5-      American Crystal Sugar gave $3.3 million in contributions.

6-      Monsanto gave $540,000

7-      Archer Daniels Midland, American Farm Bureau, Cargill, Min-Dak Farmers Coop, National Cotton council, Scot’s Miralcle-Gro, Southern Minnesota Beat Sugar Coop as well as Syngenta Corp.

United States Capitol Building And GMO's


The biotech industry has been unable to get its cases through the courts so it decided to bypass the legal system even though Senator Jon Tester from Montana tried his best to stop the rider.  When he tried to put up two amendments to remove them from the continuing but Senator Mikulski would not allow them to be voted on.  This is typical of how big government works.

What really makes this so sad is that congress held no hearings on the matter and Senator Mikulski would not bring this rider in front of both the Agriculture and Judiciary Committees, bypassing each of these committees knowledge on the matter which is a direct violation of the committee’s practice.

GMO’s And Controversy Go Hand In Hand

Controversy has followed GMO’s since they came on the scene in 1996 and the biotech industry has used lies, threats and big money to push its influence on farmers as well as the FDA and the USDA.

With a rapid rise in the number of cancers, heart disease, diabetes and obesity in the U.S. since 1996, protesters have tried to get GMO’s labeled but the biotech industry spent over $100 million to defeat Prop 37 in California in November 2012.  Monsanto wants total control over all seeds and is bullying its way through our government and it has the full blessing of the White House, Congress and the Senate.

It’s just too bad most consumers are too lazy to learn exactly what is happening to their food and will pay the price when it’s too late to stop it!

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