Why Michelle Obama’s Eating Healthy Initiative Called Move On Has Been A Total Failure

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Why Has Michelle Obama’s Eating Healthy Initiative Called Move On Has Been A Total Failure?

There are many reasons why the First Lady’s eating healthy initiative has been such a failure. We all know that eating healthy in America has become almost impossible.  A new study has been released stating that by 2030, 42% of people will be obese.  This is a sickening number.  It has become all too easy to buy unhealthy food yet Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative called Move On has not made a dent at all in helping people eat healthier.  In fact, because of her hypocrisy, her ideas cannot be taken seriously at all.

 You may ask, why is she so hypocritical when it comes to healthy eating?  Actions speak louder than words and her actions have shown why she can’t be trusted.  She goes around the country telling young children what and how they should be eating but she has withheld some nasty secrets that will be her undoing.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets That Make Her A  Hypocrite When It Comes To Eating Healthy

  • In the 2008 campaign, she and her husband, President Barack Obama, promised to help make food manufacturers label all genetically modified food organisms so that the public would be informed of what was actually in their food.  As of 2012 they have abandon that promise.  What makes that promise so hypocritical is that when Barack Obama was elected President, one of his first moves was to put Michael R. Taylor in charge of the Foods Division at the FDA.  If you are unaware of who Michael R. Taylor is, he is the former Vice-President of Monsanto, the world’s largest maker of genetically modified foods.  This has a huge bearing on California’s vote on food labeling in November 2012.  Monsanto is viciously fighting against the food labeling law and because Mr. Taylor is in charge of the FDA, there will be no backing from the president nor from the First Lady.  How can Michelle Obama talk about healthy eating when she backs GMO’s?
  •  In her quest to leave a legacy as the first lady, Michelle Obama has overstepped her boundaries.  She has used all levels of the Federal Government to advance her causes.  These causes come at a steep price.  Our freedom of choice and liberty are at stake.  She wants to send the “Food Nazi’s” after anyone who decides they want to eat differently than what she espouses.   She wants laws enacted that will make the federal government in charge of what we eat and force schools and parks as well as using the FDA and the EPA to use their full powers to control what, when and how we eat.  Sounds to me like her idea of eating healthy is based on totalitarianism instead of actually caring about those who want to eat healthy.

Michelle Obama Is Not An Eating Healthy Role Model

The First lady wants to be a role model but a role model has to live up to what they are preaching and Michelle does not do that.  Her photo ops are used to advance her cause but she can always be found eating hamburgers, tamales, Indian food and has already admitted her favorite food is French fries.  With role models like that no wonder why eating healthy has become so hard… she doesn’t follow what she preaches.

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Finally, we come to the FDA’s new food icon called MyPlate.gov.  In this new version, Michelle is very proud of what she’s accomplished.  The only problem is, the new icon does not promote healthy eating at all.  In fact, it leaves out many people who could benefit from the right information.

Here is a list of the problems it fails to identify:

1.    It does not talk about the proper oils to use in cooking.  All vegetable oils such as corn, canola oil, cottonseed, soybean, sunflower and safflower oils are genetically modified as well as subjected to high heat which makes them go rancid easily.
2.    It does not talk about one of the healthiest ways to eat – the raw food diet.
3.    It doesn’t discourage consumers to eat whole foods instead of processed foods which is one of the main reasons for obesity in this country.
4.    It does not cover those people who suffer from food allergies.
5.    It does not mention which type of meat, poultry or fish to eat.  Grass-fed for beef and chicken and natural for fish as opposed to the serious health effects of fish-farming
6.    It does not mention anything about those who suffer from being lactose-intolerant especially when it tells us to drink milk at EVERY meal.
7.    It doesn’t specify that all grains should be whole grains not just half of our daily intake.  This hurts consumers as they are adding too many carbohydrates to their meals.

The First Lady And Eating Healthy – She Needs To Come Clean

This just scratches the surface of what is on the new food icon.  In order to eat healthy food it takes more than the special interest groups of the food industries having their say in the food icon.  Because Michelle is so outspoken on the subject, few know of her relationship with the major food manufacturers.  They hold the real power in the food game and eating healthy takes a back seat.  This is so typical when a celebrity such as Michelle Obama uses her influence to peddle a cause.  What goes on behind the scenes is kept hidden, especially when the liberal media allows itself to be censored.  we don’t get the whole picture and our health suffers.

The First Lady talks a good game and on the surface, sounds good, but it will never change how people eat and will never make a difference in how people put together an eating healthy plan.  To eat healthy she must walk the walk and talk the talk or she will be forever known as someone who is just a hypocrite.  Eating healthy is more than flashing bulbs and photo ops.   She needs to get serious about what she is hiding from the American people and show that organic food is where it’s at.  Not the GMO’s and special interests who want to be part of her eating healthy initiative.

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